Raft CD 2014

Latest song and instrumental album 2014. 12 string guitars feature strongly - Lyrics and photos of the players on main web site.

Mojo - 'There is a complexity to his approach, ferocity edged with a brittle beauty. Joy of living pervades often rainbow lit'

Uncut - 'Lyrical inspiration, daring instrumentals that shine out. 8 out of 10'

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Trademark NMJ 12 string guitars including Glissando bowed techniques. In a way a re visit to Ship to Shore, Raft is made from wreckage and about escaping and questing.

Guest players, Guy Evans of Van Der Graaf Generator - drums and percussion, Rog Patterson - Chapman Stick bass, fretless bass and acoustic, Jo Lucy - violin, Oscar Morse - Sax, Jim Nield - electric guitar, Rob Phillips - fretless bass, Margaret MJ - piano, Dave Reeves - harmonicas. Co production John 'Bonny' Acock, original paintings Pete Loveday.

Songs of life and instrumentals very acoustic based and taking 12 string sounds beyond the norm. Loving nature and living by the rugged North Cornish coastline is all in the story of 'Raft' - some of these pieces were written, played and recorded simultaneously. All 'string' sounds are created using Glissando bowed technique.  Listen to a few tracks on sound cloud or on the main web site jukebox.


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