Sentinel Original Vinyl LP 1979

‘Sentinel and the Fools of the Finest Degree’

1979 Isle of Light Records IOL 666/2 AVA105

With inner card sleeve plus inserts.

Less than 18 copies remaining.

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IOL 666/2 AVA105


2016 asking round family and friends I have found a few part boxes of albums of various original vinyl albums. I used to leave stock with friends for local shops etc. So here are a few in new un-played condition. Some have the tiniest faint signs of having been boxed for 30 years or so.

A1 - All In The Name Of Love
A2 - Sentinel
A3 - Flying
A4 - Roll Away

B1 - Water Road
B2 - All In All
B3 - Fools of the Finest Degree
B4 - The Wheel


12 and 6 string Guitar, Vocals – Nigel Mazlyn Jones  
Drums, Percussion – Mick Candler (tracks: A1, A4, B1, B3, B4)
Guitar – Dik Cadbury (tracks: A3, B2), Rob Lloyd (tracks: B1, B4)
Bass, Guitar – Chris Kerridge (tracks: A4, B3)
Bass – Steve Hutt (tracks: A1, A4, B1, B4)
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Dave Titley (tracks: A1)
Piano – Johnny Coppin (tracks: A2)
Saxophone – Pete Bimbo Acock* (tracks: A1, A4)
Synthesizer – Paul Anastasi (tracks: A2, A3)
Violin, Backing Vocals – Phil Beer (tracks: A1)
All songs written by NMJ
Most of these songs were written touring Europe and UK 1976 to 79. I supported some fine English bands round the colleges and rock scene and loved the fringe festivals in Britain, the old Albion fayres and free festivals. They were a brilliant melting pot of creativity nurturing the rise of interchanging music, arts, crafts, pioneering solar developments, organics, feminism and freedom. It was an era of expansion in all directions, an inspiring time to be young and learning. The camaraderie among the players in Millstream studio in Cheltenham recording Sentinel was like a family. Everyone bouncing off everyone else. Enthusiasm abounded.

The engineers John ‘Bonny’ Acock and Mick Dolan were very friendly and became lifelong friends of mine. They helped with engineering enabling me to develop my own studio.

Sentinel is about opposites attracting and repelling. The old cities and the coming new dynamic cities. The road of gold and the road of love. About the self perpetuating war mongers and money slaves. About etheric, esoteric and advancing thinking. The tensions of change, the dreams of innocents and the dark clouds always in the distance.”
Sleeve note ... ‘Fools to the left, Sentinel to the right, yet there is a way between, the road of gold, the road of love and the road of those who dream’. 

Lyric from the song ‘Fools’ ... ‘ Come stand beneath these skies, hold your gaze on the sea, so small upon this Earth, Just fools of the finest degree’

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