Papa Echo Alpha Charlie Echo (MP3 download)

A cry for Peace Live studio session.

This is the MP3 version. You can purchase a CD-quality WAV version here (16-bit 44.1KHz).

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A cry for Peace Live studio session NMJ - guitar/vocals, Steve McDaniel - piano.

Why this song?

Our fragile world is increasingly at war. Vulnerable civilians suffer while armament corporations make huge profits. We live on a planet which could be a paradise for us and our children who deserve better. Please pass this song link on.

In 1980 NMJ was an inshore life boat crewman and had to learn the phonetic alphabet which sat on the music stand on his piano in Port Isaac. One day the tune and words just jumped out at him. Haunted by the song since he wrote it NMJ decided it had to be revisited the way it was written, with piano and no overdubs. This live studio recording was filmed and is the first of a series only available as downloads direct from this site.

Enjoy the ‘free to view’ You Tube film and as fair barter for the artists' work please buy the high quality WAV or MP3 download. Thank you.

‘Papa Echo Alpha Charlie Echo’

  • PEACE Artwork
    Original Artwork from Papa Echo Alpha Charlie Echo


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